Inward Investment

Turku Region - A Bright Future in a Great Location

Turku Region not only boasts a solid track record in the development of pharmaceutical products, but also has a long history of academic achievement.

Turku Region is strategically located in the heart of the Nordic IT cluster. It is only a few hours drive from St Petersburg and connections to Russia, and onwards to China and the Far East, are excellent. Stockholm, Copenhagen, Gdansk, Riga and Tallinn can all be reached by direct flight. You can easily reach the entire Baltic Sea market area from Turku region.

Educational centre

Turku is an educational centre, where universities and vocational institutes produce thousands of Finnish, Swedish and English speaking graduates every year. Native speakers of other languages, such as Russian, are also easily found. If doing business with Russia is of interest to you, our St Petersburg Business Contact Centre offers free consulting and contact information for companies based in Turku.

Leading life science centre

Turku region is the leading life science centre in Finland, and about half of Finland's pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry is located in the area. Many world-famous products, such as Benecol (Raisio Benecol Ltd), Mirena (Bayer Schering Pharma Ltd) and Xylitol (Leaf Ltd) originate from Turku. In addition to these, international companies including PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, BioTie Therapies, Hormos Medical (part of GuatRx Pharmaceuticals), Orion, and 100 other sector-related organisations are located in Turku region.

Applied ICT

Turku region is known for its abundance of specialised knowledge and know-how in applied ICT. Ap-plied ICT is utilised particularly in social affairs and health care, the maritime and metal industries and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Other strong areas include electronics, digital media, and speech and language technology.

Invest in Turku Region -services

If you are looking for new business opportunities, take advantage of our free, personalised Invest in Turku region -services. We offer you confidential and professional business assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Our tailor-made services cover everything, from your first inquiry to establishing your business within Turku region, and even more - companies based in the region are entitled to certain extra services, such as consulting and contacts to Russia.

We gather information, coordinate site and building searches, and assist you in setting up your business. Our services also cover networking and help with employment related questions. Furthermore, we are happy to help you find apartments, child care centres, schools, leisure time activities, or anything else you are in need of. We are also pleased to supply you with cultural knowledge and tips for everyday life in the wonderful Turku region.

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