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BioBLU® Family Grows: New 1 L Single-Use Bioreactor for Cell Culture and Microbial Applications

Published 12 December 2014 | By Eppendorf

At this year's BIOTECHNICA in Hannover, Germany Eppendorf has presented the newest members of its single-use bioreactor family BioBLU for the first time. With the new single-use bioreactor BioBLU 1c for cell culture and BioBLU 1f for microbial applications Eppendorf further extends its portfolio of rigid wall single-use bioreactors. These 1 L vessels are bridging the gap between the BioBLU 0.3 c/f mini single-use bioreactors and the larger vessels of the BioBLU family.

BioBLU1Users in cell culture, who want to combine the advantages of single-use technology with the proven qualities of stirred-tank bioreactor design can now benefit from an unmatched portfolio of rigid wall stirred tank single-use bioreactors with working volumes from 100 mL - 40 L.

The BioBLU 1c/f single-use bioreactors have been specifically developed for the use with DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor Systems. They are perfectly suited to manage the various challenges in bioprocess development. With DASGIP systems 4, 8 and more bioreactors can be operated in parallel. Both, in cultivation of animal and human cells as well as for microbial applications with bacteria and yeasts users profit by parallel processing. Precise process control for reliable and comparable results, time savings due to parallelization of workflows and minimal setup times of single-use bioreactors strongly accelerate bioprocess development. Effective process planning and automation, Design of Experiment (DoE) and comprehensive bioprocess information management give an extra plus for time and cost effective bioprocessing.

The fully instrumented rigid wall BioBLU 1c/f single-use bioreactors can be operated with working volumes of 320 mL - 1.25 L in cell culture and 250 mL - 1.25 L in microbiology. All critical process parameters such as temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen can be measured and controlled via industry standard sensors. Integrated dip-tubes allow for controlled addition of liquids, sampling and controlled submerged and/or headspace gassing. The BioBLU 1c comes with two 3x45° pitched blade impellers, the BioBLU 1f with three 6-blade Rushton-type impellers. The specifically developed encapsulated, magnet-coupled stirrer supports sterile and powerful agitation with up to 600 rpm in cell culture and 1600 rpm for microbial applications. Mass transfer rates that meet the high demands of microbial applications are guaranteed.
The innovative liquid-free Peltier condenser provides optimal cool down of exhaust. The BioBLU 1f additionally carries four cooling-baffles which support a precise temperature control even with modern high cell density processes that generate extraordinarily high levels of heat.
All wetted materials of the BioBLU 1c/f single-use bioreactors are USP Class VI certified and conform to United States Food and Drug Administration requirements.

Juelich/Hannover, October 14th, 2013